Gamepasslist is a comprehensive and user-friendly web application designed for Xbox enthusiasts. The app allows users to easily discover all the games that are currently available on the Xbox Game Pass service. With Gamepasslist, users can view games sorted by platform, filter games by genre, and perform searches to quickly find specific titles. Additionally, the app includes a calendar feature that keeps users informed of upcoming game releases on Game Pass, helping them plan and stay up-to-date on the latest additions to the service. Developed by a team of dedicated Xbox fans, Gamepasslist is a constantly evolving project that is guided by community feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Who made this website?

This website was developed by Jona and keyduq Reddit .
This started with the personal problem that we wanted to discover the games that were, are and will come to the Gamepass service month by month, it was difficult to find everything on a single website and that it was of good quality, so we decided to create this project, so that both us and more people could discover the games on the service. It should also be clarified that since Gamepass came out we became very fans, since the entire video game industry changed so that more people can access games at an affordable price.


You can email us at gamepasslistapp@gmail.com

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